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Horse Allergy

There are quite a few people who have allergies to horses, mainly because of their dander. This is the same reason that people are allergic to cats or dogs so if you have an allergy to them you will likely have one to horses as well. In general, a horse allergy isn’t that severe, is more uncomfortable than dangerous. However, if you suffer from asthma the results can be serious so you will want to take precautions.

Horse allergy – symptoms

The most common symptoms of an allergy to horses are itchy and watery eyes or sneezing. In some cases, people may have difficulty breathing or even develop asthma. If you already suffer from asthma the likelihood of having an allergy to horses is greatly increased. Therefore if you have asthma you should be careful when you are around horses for the first time. There are a few different causes of horse allergies; the most common is caused by their dander. This is just little bits of skin and hair that flake of the horse. There are also mites on a horse and a lot of people are allergic to them. Some people are also allergic to the urine and saliva and the horse. Determining what is causing your allergy will help you avoid that cause and reduce your symptoms.

How to avoid horse allergy?

The most common way to deal with a horse allergy is to avoid being around horses. While this is generally effective it is by no means guaranteed. Horse dander and mites tend to get onto the clothes of people who are around horses and then they spread it wherever they go. If you are around people who are around horses you will likely find that you still have symptoms. In most people, the symptoms can be treated with an anti-histamine if the reaction that you have isn’t very serious. If you need to be around horses a lot you might want to consider getting an allergy shot. Of course, if you have asthma you will want to make sure that you have your inhaler with you anytime you are around horses.

A lot of people find the need to or want to be around horses or other “risky” animals despite their allergy, there are ways that the symptoms can be minimized. People who have reactions to dander may do better with breeds of horses that have curly hair since they produce far less dander. It is also a good idea to treat the horse for mites as this will help to reduce the allergies in a lot of people. If you do this you will also need to treat the horse’s box since there will be mites anywhere the horse has been. If you have an allergy to horse urine you are going to want to stay out of areas where there is a chance that the horse has urinated, like his box. The idea is to minimize the main causes of allergies to horses. The idea is to minimize the main causes of allergies to horses

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