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Here’s cooking with coconut oil : tips and guides

Cooking with Coconut Oil is a habit which is traditionally done by people in Asia and the Pacific. A lot of traditional societies in Asia such as Malaysia, Philippines, Cambodia, Indonesia, India and others are still cooking with coconut oil. Although recording mostly clueless about the great benefits of coconut oil, but they can feel it. Degenerative diseases such as stroke, diabetes, hypertension, heart attacks, high cholesterol, high uric acid levels and others are very unlikely to strike a traditional society that routinely cooks with coconut oil.

After decades of public misled by their perceived side effects of coconut oil, coconut oil is now back to being an exceptional oil. From the results of research, experts know how big the benefits of coconut oil, especially virgin coconut oil for human health. Saturated oils in coconut oil that used to be feared, now known as a unique saturated oil that abortion is similar to the fats found in mother’s milk. So no wonder if the fat is derived from coconut oil used in infant milk formula. Apart from coconut oil used for cooking, a lot of coconut oil is also used as a health drink mix. Actually saturated fat in coconut oil is medium-chain saturated fats ( MCT oil ) that can be easily converted into energy. This is very different from saturated fats obtained from other vegetable oils which are long-chain saturated fats that are difficult are described.

The habit of cooking with coconut oil, virgin coconut oil, in particular, means that our bodies have a very beneficial nutrient intake. Coconut oil also contains capric acid, lauric acid and caprylic acid which serves as an anti-bacterial, antifungal and antiviral, thus forming immunity against various diseases.

Cooking with coconut oil

It has many advantages because of the nature of coconut oil. Excess coconut oil is processed naturally without heating, hold for a long time (conceited years) with no preservatives or other chemical mixtures. In addition, the structure of coconut oil is not easily damaged or changed but heated at a high temperature, eg for frying. Therefore coconut oil is suitable for frying, stir and mix to make vegetable soup or meat. Is very good if the housewives chose Cooking with coconut oil. This means providing healthy food, high quality, and the price is cheap so it is more efficient.

Coconut oil can also be used as a substitute for butter or other vegetable oils. By consuming coconut oil, you’ve done the right diet. Coconut oil is excellent for those who are obese who are on a diet to weight loss. It is not difficult to use coconut oil for your health, simply by regularly cooking with coconut oil. If you’ve never cooked with coconut oil, it means you have lost the opportunity to get tremendous benefits from natural products.

You have a lot to know about the great benefits of cooking with coconut oil. The choice is yours. If you want a healthy family with little cost, you can simply use coconut oil in cooking for days. Actually, there are very many benefits of virgin coconut oil for health, such as hair growth, prevents baldness, skincare, preventing and treating diabetes, treating herpes, weight loss, cure HIV / aid, and others. If you consume enough for the prevention of coconut oil on a regular basis with immediate drinking, mixed with other drinks or dishes, applied to the skin and so on. And one of the most practical ways is cooking with coconut oil. Thus the benefits of coconut oil are very large we can get without us knowing it.

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