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Allergy to Soy Products

An allergy to soy products can be a real challenge, not so much because we consciously eat a lot of soy in our diets, but because it is used in so many processed foods. Soy is most common amongst young children who usually outgrow their allergy. Where a soy allergy can be a real problem is for children who are also allergic to cow milk, soy milk is the main replacement for cow milk. The other people who will find a soy allergy to be a problem are vegetarians.

Allergies to soy – what are symptoms?

Allergies to soy are fairly common in children; however, it is one of those allergies that children tend to outgrow. For most children, this isn’t a huge problem since soy is not widely used in Western diets but it can be a problem for some people. The biggest problem is going to be for young children who are also allergic to cow milk since soy milk is usually used as a replacement. The other group that is going to have a problem with a soy allergy is vegetarians. Soy is widely used as a source of protein by people who don’t eat meat. Soy allergies are fairly common in children who are also allergic to peanuts so if your child is allergic to soy it is a good idea to have them tested for peanut allergies.

In most cases, the reaction to a soy allergy will not be serious. Usually, hives or nausea are the most common reactions. There are cases however of more serious issues like anaphylaxis. This is especially true for children with asthma or other allergies. Even though most soy allergies are not that serious it is still widely recommended that you avoid soy products if you are allergic to them.

How to avoid eating soy?

In some ways avoiding soy is not that hard, it is rarely eaten by most people. The problem is that soy is often used in processed foods. Most processed foods will have soy in them and this can be a real problem. Since soy allergies are so common manufacturers are required to put a warning label on foods that contain soy. The other group of people who are going to have problems are vegetarians. Finding a way to replace the protein in soy without eating meat can be a real challenge. Normally you will need to do this by combining other legumes to get all of your protein needs.

Eating out with a soy allergy can be a real problem. Certainly, when going eating out on vacation in Kuala Lumpur, most restaurants over there use quite a few processed foods that include soy in them. Unfortunately, in many cases, even the restaurants don’t know whether a product contains soy in it. Labels on the foods that are sold to restaurants are not nearly as descriptive as the ones that are used in foods sold in the grocery store. If you have any doubts it is best to simply avoid eating the food in question. If you have any doubts it is best to simply avoid eating the food in question

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