Allergy Related Emergencies

Just seconds after a bee sting, two-year-old Scott could barely breathe. One small bite of a dessert sprinkled with finely ground nuts sent Deborah, 26, into full cardiac arrest. Merely being on the same plane with a cat caused Stan, 28, to collapse with a drop in blood pressure and shock. Scott, Deborah, and Stan […]

bee on a flower

Insect-Sting Allergy: Preventing Bad Reactions

Allergic reactions to insect slings, which afflict fewer than 5 percent of those who are stung, can be so severe that death may occur within a few minutes after a sting. Even if not fatal, sting allergy symptoms can be very frightening-dizziness, itchy welts or massive swelling of the body, inability to breathe, swallow or […]

cute three horses

Horse Allergy

There are quite a few people who have allergies to horses, mainly because of their dander. This is the same reason that people are allergic to cats or dogs so if you have an allergy to them you will likely have one to horses as well. In general, a horse allergy isn’t that severe, is […]

cute small dog with beautiful eyes

Dog Allergy

Dog allergies are surprisingly uncommon, people talk about being allergic to dogs but there aren’t that many people who are. Nevertheless, for the people who are allergic to dogs, it can be a real problem, after all, there are dogs everywhere. In most cases, an allergy to dogs isn’t that severe and is more uncomfortable […]

soy milk with soy beans on the table

Allergy to Soy Products

An allergy to soy products can be a real challenge, not so much because we consciously eat a lot of soy in our diets, but because it is used in so many processed foods. Soy is most common amongst young children who usually outgrow their allergy. Where a soy allergy can be a real problem […]